About us

Welcome to Isondú Joyas, a place where you will find design, beauty and harmony in a wide variety of jewelry made with high quality materials, both for special occasions and for your daily life.

Isondú Joyas is a project that we had in mind for quite some time, at that time in 2017 we began to investigate this world, but...How did the idea of ​​setting up our own jewelry business begin?

Well, it was born through different trips around the world, specifically the one that had a profound impact on us was Thailand, where in addition to discovering the country of happiness and eternal smile, it taught us the power of nature, its precious and semi-precious stones, its wonderful range of colors and the variety of materials used. Just as Cambodia taught us the making of woven, recycled jewelry and its great example of struggle, perseverance and improvement. There we saw their artisan workshops, exclusive designs, their markets, the different museums of jewelry and natural stones... it was so incredible that we were captivated by its beauty, its people and the process of making its jewelry.

From there we began to dream and create our great dream, until we were finally able to make it a reality. We love craftsmanship, everything that is handmade, since that is where beauty lies, where you do not find two identical things because that is its nature, the same as that of natural stones.

Those of us behind Isondú have a lot of creativity and good craftsmanship, that's why we set out to create our own polymer clay earrings, handmade with great taste and love. Furthermore, since we like quality, beauty and well-made, all of its findings and finishes are made of 925 sterling silver, 925 sterling silver plated in 18 and 24 Kt gold. and some in 316 L stainless steel plated in 18 and 24 Kt gold. and anti-allergic.

We form a good team, since what one lacks, the other has, we enrich ourselves with our knowledge and knowledge and this is how our beautiful creations come out with exclusive designs handmade by ourselves.

We also have local and national suppliers, some of them are artisan manufacturers, to whom we make the sketch of the jewelry and they make the design to our measure. And a single international supplier from Latin America, Colombia; They are artisans from the region, who embroider by hand with natural fibers of the iraca palm, which comes from an endemic palm tree in the area and appears as the main basis of our completely handmade jewelry, whose production is always very respectful of the environment. environment. Many hours of laborious and meticulous work have been invested in these creations.

We really like crafts because it has a special added value, many hours of work, concentration, we promote manual techniques, quality and they are also trendy, because they are very fashionable.

Now that you know us, we want you to accumulate moments lived with our Isondú jewelry and make them shine wherever you go.

Thank you very much for trusting us!